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Next up we have the lovely Heather! Heather is an Energy Specialist here at E.ON Next.

Hey Heather, introduce yourself!
I am a happy, bubbly, full of smiles kinda girl. Always looking on the positive side of life (my glass is always half full). I have 2 beautiful girls and a step son that keep me on my toes and full of fun. I love to help people and make them smile too.
I also love to hike up a mountain with my other half Steve at any given opportunity, its a perfect way to reset and take in the beauty around us. Family is a massive part of my life too, wouldn't know where I would be now without the love and support they have given me.

What is feel-good energy to you?
Always looking forward and never back. Doing the little things to make yourself and others smile around you, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Name someone in your circle who embodies feel-good best and why?
My girls (Scarlett and Poppy) they see the good in everything around them. They strive to get the best out of life every single day. Not only do they care about the people around them but the world we live in. They go litter picking to protect our green spaces and save any animal they come across (big or small). They inspire me so much.

What's your top energy saving tip?
Drying your clothes naturally. This saves you having to put on the tumble dryer. We are all popping the heating on a little bit more now, so it would be great to make use of the heat in your home or better still put them on the line.

What's the best bit of feel-good advice you ever got?
The past is history, the present is a mystery, today is a gift that's why they call it the present. Makes me smile every time I say it.

Describe your week in 3 words:
Empowering, rewarding and fun.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Beside the kids! Knowing that I can make a difference to someone every day. That could be a laugh on a call with a customer, a smile to a stranger in the street or a coffee appearing on a colleagues desk. Its the little acts of kindness that go a long way.

What's been your most memorable day at E.ON Next?
On my first day at E.ON Next myself and my team mate (Ryan) got stuck in the office lift! This was my first day in the office and meeting my team. It was the most eventful first day ever and I will never forget the panic on both our faces and frantic phone calls to get us free.

What is your top tip for working well from home?
Always make sure you get up and dressed (like you were going into the office). It gets you in the right head space for your day.