New ways to save energy at home in lockdown.

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Over the past year, many of us have spent a lot more time within the fours walls of our own homes than we have ever done before. And although it’s been great for cutting down on commuting costs or helping us to not spend all our money in the office canteen, it has meant that 72% of us saw an increase in our energy use(1), probably due to boiling the kettle 10 times a day.

So what can we do? While we recommend switching electronics off standby or turning down the heating by a degree, we’ve decided to think more outside the box and come up with some energy tips that you might not have thought of. Let’s get to it.

1. Sponge + letterbox = unique draught excluder.

Your radiators are making your home nice and toasty, but all the heat they’re pumping out is doing its best Steve McQueen impression and escaping from any nook or cranny it can find. Putting a sponge in the letterbox will help reduce heat loss through your front door, just make sure you tell the postman.

2. Get a “Left the lights on” jar.

Feeling like you’re spending too much time following the family around the house turning off lights? We all love a money box for groceries, travel or that next big shiny thing, but have you ever thought about doing it for your energy bills? Every time someone leaves a light on in your home, they put 50p into the jar. You’ll save money and have something to put towards the energy bills at the end of the month.

3. Have you tried coffee logs?

With coffee being the second most widely traded commodity in the world, I bet it won’t surprise you to hear it’s also one of the biggest contributors to the ecological crisis. To help solve this, companies such as Bio Bean are turning wasted coffee beans into coffee logs which are great for burning on that cold winter night. They burn up to 20% longer than normal logs and generate a massive 80% fewer carbon emissions than if the coffee was tossed into a landfill(2). Whoever thought burning your coffee would be a good thing?

4. Who let the cold out?

Just got off that hour long Zoom call and fancy a snack before you have to do it all over again? You’ll probably find yourself staring longingly into the fridge. Did you know the average Brit looks in the fridge 14 times a day(3)? Every time you do that you let warm air in, so that your fridge must work harder to keep your food cool. Cut down on the fridge viewing time and see how much energy you could save.

5. Swing low sweet toilet.

Did you know that the humble toilet uses the most water in our homes. Every day we flush millions of gallons of water away, and yet we can reduce that by about 15% by turning it into a low flush toilet(4). All you need to do is put something heavy in the back of the system, and there will be less space for the water to refill each time you flush. Helping to save water and money.

Want to see if you can save money off your energy bill? Get a quote today and switch to renewable energy.

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