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​​​​​​​Let’s be honest, the way we spend our energy has become so important these last few years. Being stuck at home, as well as the recent fluctuation in the market, has meant we’ve had to rethink our everyday habits not only for the planet, but for our pockets too. But, this doesn’t have to be a chore.

If you know us, and we really hope you do, then you’ll know that we’re all about spreading positivity as we believe this is the real drive to change. If you’re enjoying the process, it’s no longer a challenge. That’s why we’ve asked a handful of our Nexties to share their favourite energy saving tips with us as inspiration for something we call The Energy Shift.

The Energy Shift isn’t just your regular collection of energy saving tips, oh no. It’s all about rethinking how you spend your energy in a fun and unique way so it doesn’t feel like you’re having to make life changing sacrifices. For example, we love this tip from Annie, our Brand Marketeer; “as it starts to get colder, rather than turning the heating up straight away, don’t forget that if you have pets, they can make fantastic lap warmers!” Bet you never thought of that one?

Energy Shift tips don’t just have to be incredibly funny and out the box. They can also be small habitual changes that you may have never considered. For example, our Social Media Exec, Ella, shares with us her tip about closing the fridge door as much as possible, even if you think you’ll be right back. This is because “the longer you leave your fridge door open, the more cold air is replaced with warm air from the room, and the more energy it takes for your fridge to get cold again.” So always shut that door!

To celebrate making fun changes to the way we spend our energy, we’re asking our customers to share with us their favourite Energy Shift tip for the chance to win a year’s energy on us. That’s right, you heard. One whole year’s free energy. What do you have to do to enter? Simply look out for our post on our Facebook page in the next couple of days and comment your favourite energy saving tip. There’s only one entry per person so no need to go crazy. You can find the full terms and conditions here.

You may have seen a few familiar faces sharing their favourite Energy Shift tips earlier this year on our social media. We asked The Lean Machines and Emily Norris for their top 5 tips for spending energy differently in the home. Want to check out what they said? Head over to The Lean Machine’s blog here, and Emily’s blog here.