Managing your prepayment meter through winter

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Topping up your prepayment meter in the winter can feel a bit more expensive. Why? Because you’ll probably be using more energy than in the summer.

As a prepayment customer, you’ll realise how quickly your money can run out of the meter, which is why we have come up with a few tips to help you save pennies in your pocket.

Not sure what a prepayment meter is?

Plan, plan, plan.

The main thing you need to do to save energy this winter, whether you’re a prepayment customer or not, is to plan. Plan on what you need to make your home winter ready.

You also need to be planning on how you can help minimise topping up so much, by improving your energy efficiency in your home.

Emergency help.

The biggest worry for prepayment customers is running out of credit when everything is closed (i.e. Christmas). But never fear as E.ON Next, (and most companies), have an emergency top up system in place.

Do bear in mind that you'll need to pay this back. This is automatically collected via your meter when you top up next.

We are always here to help!

We don’t want you to go without electricity or gas, especially during those long colder winter months, so if there’s a problem with your meter, we’ll send an engineer out.

Want to find out more information about our prepayment meters, or have a question? Head over to our prepayment pages and prepayment help to get the answers you need.

Switch to a smart prepayment meter.

Are you a prepayment customer who fancies going smart? You could combine both the flexibility of a pay as you go tariff with the convenience of a smart meter. Switching to smart means you can top up ANYWHERE!

Learn more about the smart combination.