Talk with Tasha.

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Hey Tasha, introduce yourself in a couple of sentences…

Hi, I’m Tasha. I am an Operations Manager looking after a metering family. I am responsible for looking after team leaders and Energy Specialists, making sure that they have the skills and tools available to do their job. Caring about people and making sure they feel valued and appreciated makes me happy. I am a kind person and very open and honest and try to be fair in everything I do. I like to bring joy to all those around me!

What is your ethnic background, and how do you celebrate it?

I am from a mixed background; Caribbean and White English. For me to celebrate my heritage, I am proud of who I am by being the real genuine me, and I am the same in and out of work. I love to talk about my family and culture, this includes the good curry goat that I eat and also the music that I listen to as lots of the songs are deep and meaningful to me when it comes to my background.

How have you grown in E.ON Next professionally as a black woman?

Here at E.ON Next over the last 18 months I have really got to understand and embed the culture. I have grown into an OM working for a company that allows me to be myself when communicating with people and getting my ideas heard coming from a different cultural background to the rest of my peers, I can now be part of decisions that are made. E.ON Next allows me to be myself and for my ideas to be heard coming from a different cultural background this makes me feel like I really matter.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To me, this reminds me of what black people have developed throughout our lives. Black men and women invented a lot of things that we use today. To learn where we came from serves a purpose to inform, educate people and bring understanding to our people that you are able to do anything you desire.

Who is a black public figure who resonates feel-good energy to you?

Muhammed Ali inspired me so much growing up. I always watched the boxing with my family. He was also never scared of speaking up and fighting for what he believed in, which reminds me of my Dad!