Get your home summer ready

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If you’ve ever seen the rollercoaster of a graph that is your energy use, then you’ll know that there’s a big dip through the summer months as we all embrace the warm weather. Well, warmish.

However, you can still use this time to make some excellent energy saving choices that will reduce your electricity and gas for the rest of the year. Plus they might save you a quid or two.

Be cool.

Whilst no-one likes an icy shower, by dropping your shower a few degrees you can save on your hot water. Plus, having a cooler shower will help give you a kick in the morning, perfect for getting ready for that hot commute.

You can also replace your showerhead with an eco-showerhead, which will reduce the amount of water coming through and get that energy bill down.

Break the cycle.

Instead of throwing your wet clothes in the tumble dryer, why not hang them up and let them dry outside? They’ll get that lovely fresh smell and you could save an average of around £30 on your electricity bill(1). Just make sure you peg them on, otherwise a stiff breeze could see your underwear all over the neighbourhood.

Step away from the oven.

Not only does cooking with the oven use up energy, it can also heat up your kitchen which can be a real pain in summer. Why not try making some easy meals such as sandwiches or salads, or even doing a BBQ or too.

If you’re not feeling confident with your cooking then try the microwave. It might not taste as good but it uses less energy(2).

Make the most of the summer weather.

Firstly, let’s brighten up your home by opening those curtains. Lighting accounts for around 15% of your electricity bill(3), so getting that natural light in can save you money and brighten up your living/work space.

Next, add something extra to your garden with solar-powered bulbs. They’ll light up your garden so you can spend more time outside and less time inside using up your electricity.

If you want to make a bigger leap, then why not try solar panels? They convert sunlight into electricity and can be used all-year around with our solar battery storage solution. Plus, if you generate too much energy you can always sell it back to the grid with the Smart Export Guarantee. Win win.

Think smart.

Upgrade to a smart meter and start tracking your energy use. You can then see where you’re using those pesky kilowatt hours and do something about it. You could even go for a smart thermostat which will help you control your energy use at the touch of a button, perfect for those who want to do something about their carbon footprint.

Want to do something a bit more permanent?

Switch to 100% renewable electricity with us so that you can get peace of mind your electricity is being generated from renewable sources. You can even pick our Next Climate+ tariff and get your gas offset too.

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