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Meet our Lead Designer, Angela! Angela spends her days creating all the cool content you see and much, much more...

Hey Angela, introduce yourself:
Helloooo, I'm Angela, a South African making London her home. My role is the Design Lead at E.ON Next. I'm here for all things design, content and brand. Bringing brands to life gets me up in the morning, challenger brands like E.ON Next is my kryptonite.

What is feel-good energy to you?
Energy & energy companies that are going above and beyond climate change.

Name someone in your circle who embodies feel-good best and why:
Fiona, she always brings that energy feel good to meetings and brightens up our days.

What's your top energy saving tip:
I love house plants and hope to be growing some veg this spring summer so my top tip would be around using collected rain water to water your plants and veggies.

What's the best bit of feel-good advice you ever got?
You do you.

Describe your week in 3 words:
Busy, rewarding & fun.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I've told you already 🙄 Bringing brands to life! Making kick ass content for our customers, providing help and a bit of joy in these times.

What’s been your most memorable day at E.ON Next?
Easy, our brand launch in September.

What is your top tip for working well from home?
Oooooh, break your time into 30 min chunks, I find that makes you super productive in terms of getting tasks done.