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Meet Energy Specialist, Hassan!

Hey Hassan, introduce yourself:
I'm a confident, assertive, responsible, reliable and hard working individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I have an open mind and welcome the views, opinions and ideas of others to help develop my own understanding about my working environment.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about customer service and always do my best demonstrate my eagerness and ability to deliver excellent customer service. I am very personable and an amiable person that can establish and maintain good and lasting relationships with people around me and welcome feedback to support my development.

I can work well on my own using my own initiative but also enjoy working as a team with people around me. I feel teamwork provides a platform where I can express myself, my personality and working for EON Next just helps bring my personality to work in a professional environment.

Away from work I like to try keep healthy both physically and mentally. I enjoy running, swimming, football and love travelling and learning about different places with different cultures and people. I also support children football coaching and worked with local charities to make a meaningful contribution to the society.

I'd love to contribute more at EON Next. I enjoy my work, find inspiration from the people around me and I am grateful I work for an organisation that supports my development. I feel social media is a great platform to enhance the organisations image, contribution to the industry and society and help establish strong relationships with our stakeholders. Furthermore, being able to project my role, the work I do and my passion to help customers will really help become a good ambassador of excellent customer service we provide at EON Next and how determined and successful we are in overcoming the challenges we face both professionally and socially.

What is feel-good energy to you?
Feel good energy to me is is about how I feel about myself. I like to feel positive, self motivated, understanding, welcoming and mentally feeling good with who I am and what I do.

To me it also means doing the best that I can and finding contentment in what I do. Building up energy to try and do well and also help others to feel good about themselves. I also believe it's about finding inspiration to try be the change (i.e. your words and actions) that brings about positive changes around you. Having a "can do" approach to get things done and looking at obstacles as opportunities to overcome them through hard work, dedication and commitment.

Name someone in your circle who embodies feel-good best and why:
Laura May - Team B2. Laura always looks to find positives even in the most negative of situations. Her willingness to help others and support them succeed really shows her warm, welcoming and understanding personality.

She has a wealth of industry knowledge but she never projects herself in a manner that makes others feel low. She is enthusiastic and very passionate about doing the best that she can and will always try her best to help raise morale and help others feel good about themselves and what they do.

What's your top energy saving tip?
Invest in energy efficient appliances and turn to smart technology e.g. thermostat, new boiler.

What's the best bit of feel-good advice you ever got?
Stay positive, be yourself and never give up.

Describe your week in 3 words:
Challenging, enjoyable and meaningful.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Happy to enjoy working with people and customers. Being in a people focussed environment. If I can can enjoy my work then it helps me look forward to my day. Working hard for myself and my family knowing that I'm doing the best that I can.

What's been your most memorable day at E.ON Next?
The introduction to the organisation. The warm welcome, the smooth transition into the organisation, the role and the whole company ethos about being personable and enjoying work.

What's your top tip for working well from home?
Keep an open relationship between yourself and your manager/team and don't worry about asking for support.

The company supports home working lifestyle and flexibility to help us work well in our home environment so feel free to talk, provide open and honest feedback as to how homeworking is working for you and what support you need. This really helps stay motivated to work but also helps with mental health wellbeing and the management team are very much involved in our homeworking lives (live chats, Slack feedback, team manager 121's etc).