Shower to save the planet, your wallet, your sanity.

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Bathtime. That dreaded one letter word. Even reading it exhausts you. Best way to cope with bathtime? Scrap it. Because what if we told you that you can keep the kids clean, save money on your water bill, help the environment AND have more time for yourself in the evenings by changing just one thing? You’d say sign me up right now. Well, you can have all that and more by switching your evening bathtime of the kids to showertime instead! Here are the main things you could save when you make the switch…

Running the bath, checking the temperature, adding the bubbles, getting them in, playing with them, cleaning them etc. etc. Bathtime is so time consuming. Instead, a quick shower will get the job done just the same. A way to keep them short but sweet is to have your kids choose their favourite song to shower to and turn it off when the song finishes. This will keep the shower no longer than 3 minutes long… what’s not to love?

Energy (for you!)
With less time spent bathing the kids, that no doubt leaves more time for you to do you. Put your feet up, read that book that’s been dying to be picked up, watch that show you never get round to starting. Less energy spent on the kids, more energy spent on you feeling good.

Energy (on your bills)
Now this is a given. Less water used means less energy wasted warming the water. Did you know, a 5 minute shower only uses about 40 litres of water which is about half of a standard bathtub? 1 This adds up, and just think about the amount of savings you could be making not only on your water bills but on your energy bills too.

Saving the planet
As if there could be any more benefits to showers over baths, here’s the big one. Using less water has a direct impact on helping the environment. Using less water means a less amount of energy used to treat, pump and heat water. This lowers energy demand, which helps prevent air pollution.2 Winning.

So, it’s pretty clear that making a simple switch from a bath to a quick shower for the kids could have its many advantages. Will you be making that feel-good switch?