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Meet our lovely in-house videographer, Dan. Dan makes all the cool videos you'll see on our social channels!

Hey Dan, introduce yourself:
An outdoor enthusiast and fitness fanatic, with an unhealthy tech obsession. Oh and I also really like to eat... like... a lot.

What is feel-good energy to you?
When you meet eyes with someone; friends, family, or a stranger and you can't help but smile.

Name someone in your circle who embodies feel-good best and why:
A recent friend I made (also called Dan). Super happy-go-lucky fella with bounds of energy that really rubs off on you. He's a musician, so carries his guitalele wherever he goes (a 10 mile walk for example) singing and making people smile.

What's your top energy saving tip?
Shower cold - check out Wim Hof, there are more benefits to showering cold than just saving hot water.

What's the best bit of feel-good advice you ever got?
The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Describe your week in 3 words:
Sunday Monday HappyDays (that's three words right?)

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Arabica, Robusta, Liberica or Excelsa coffee beans. Or needing to pee.

What’s been your most memorable day at E.ON Next?
The Zoom Christmas social. I never thought I'd enjoy a virtual party, but the team put together a really good do. At one point I was completely engrossed in the experience and felt like I was surrounded by my fellow nexties.

What is your top tip for working well from home?
Move, as much as possible.

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