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Is it possible to enjoy climate change action? We think so. As part of Big Energy Saving Week back in January, we shared with you five of our favourite energy saving tips to make the small steps that matter more fun. Now that our beautiful blog is up and running, we thought we’d collate them all in one convenient place for you. You’re welcome.

Tip 1 → Let’s pull the plug on climate change​​​​​​​
TVs, computers and games consoles all use electricity when left on standby. Something as simple as unplugging your electricals or turning them off standby when you're not using them can help you save big on your energy consumption. In fact, leaving your appliances on standby adds £35 a year to your energy bill (1). C'mon, how often do you really use that printer?

Tip 2 → Try a cooler wash for a cooler planet
Love ironing? Great - neither do we. Washing your clothes on a cold temperature not only decreases your energy consumption but it also reduces wrinkles in clothes which means less time spent hunched over an ironing board. Now that's a real win.

Tip 3 → Energy saving bulbs are a bright idea
Energy saving bulbs can last up to 12 times longer than traditional bulbs (2). This means you’re 12 times less likely to need a trip up that ladder to change that bulb. There’s a bright idea.

Tip 4 → Make your house an energy saving greenhouse
Everybody loves a hug. So why not give your house a hug too? Wall-hugging vines and trees can increase the temperature at wall surface by up to 5 degrees (3). So, your house can look good while also saving energy through having its own microclimate.

Tip 5 → Give your radiators space to radiate
Need space? Your furniture likes to socially distance too. Moving furniture away from radiators and walls helps air circulate properly, meaning less energy is wasted. Just one of the small steps we can take to make a big difference.

And that’s a wrap for #BigEnergySavingWeek ! We hope our top tips inspire you to make those small changes to help towards a more sustainable future.

2-https://www.hometree.co.uk/energy-advice/energy-saving/the-benefits-of-energy-saving-lightbulbs.html#:~:text=What%20are%20energy%2Dsavi ng%20light,carbon%20footprint%20of%20your%20home.