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Meet Energy Specialist Team Leader, Shreya. Shreya was one of the very first people to join the E.ON Next team back in May 2020 when we had 0 customers. Since then, she’s been an integral part of helping our consumer base grow.

Hi Shreya, introduce yourself to the readers:

Well this is awkward. I am super positive and I love being a team leader. I was a part of the first team to join E.ON Next back in May when we had 0 customers. Life was great lol! I then created pre-training which was a lot of fun and was a trainer for about 3/4 months. My journey at E.ON Next has been life changing.

What is feel-good energy to you?

When we are all laughing so much or when someone in my team gets customer feedback.

Name someone in your circle who embodies feel-good best and why:

Terrie-Anne Jones. She is always positive and is the best support ever.

What's your top energy saving tip?

Invest in candles and wash your dishes by hand.

What's the best bit of feel-good advice you every got?

"Just keep swimming" - Dory from Finding Nemo. It sounds stupid but it's really helped me stay focused and positive.

Describe your week in 3 words:

This week? Busy, organised, fun.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My team and my customers for sure... and coffee.

What’s been your most memorable day at E.ON Next?

Definitely when I took my first customer call here at E.ON Next. I was so scared and I really pushed myself. We had been working at E.ON Next for months with zero customer calls so the first ones that came through were so daunting as we didn't know what to expect.

What is your top tip for working well from home?

Work in an area where there is plenty of natural light if you can. Be kind to yourself, and take as many breaks as you need.

Ready to get that positive energy feeling? Join E.ON Next today.